Friday, August 3, 2007

Why Do We Home School ???

Our decision to Home School was not just a blind leap of faith. It was and is our complete faith in God which motivated us toward the decision to Home School. Through His word, scripture has determined, it is God's will for our family to school our children at home. An issue of obedience & Faith to His will. It is natural and logical from what God designed the FAMILY to be in the beginning.

Scripture calls us to be good stewards of all God has entrusted to us. Our children are the MOST Valuable " Possessions " in this life. There is direct commands of scripture concerning our children, that we must obey. It is God's will for us to obey His leading. It has become very clear to us, which we have also taken very seriously. It is the only right thing to do.

I have found a great book called Educating A Whole Hearted Child, which has listed perfect examples of reasons that have also influenced us to Home School our children.

1.We want to gaurd our children against agressive, secular, humanistic worldviews of Public School.

2.To sheild our children from the immorality that permiates the Public Schools.

3.To protect our children from the violence & Wickedness that inflicts many Public Schools.

4.Our children will receive a better education under our LOVING GUIDENCE than the average Public School is providing.

5. We follow God's design for FAMILY not just in living but in learning as well.

6.We can help guide our children's Christian charectar development at HOME rather than allowing them to be " SOCIALIZED " by secular,untrained,unsupervised schoolmates.

7.We home School because we love our children and want to be with them everyday of their lives, until they are grown Godly adults.- That is what God intended.


  1. Amen. I am with you. I wrote a post on titled Home School.

    I think that I will submit it will a few revisions.

  2. I, too wrote a list like this. Then on those days it feels we can't go on it will keep us from giving up ;)