Thursday, September 13, 2007

People Say We Monkey Around.....

Show And Tell Friday...

Hosted by Kelli from Theres No Place Like Home. This Friday I am sharing this little picture of me when I was 6 years old. Holding a Monkey. Monkey's have been a long time favorite of mine. i always dreamed of owning a real one. I had always wanted a sock monkey, but out of all the stuffed monkeys I owned as a child I never had a sock monkey.

Until my 30th birthday. My sweet husband gave one to me. I love that thing. As an Artist, I had to take a picture of him and well , make an art piece out of it. My Favorite Sock Monkey.

My second Sock Monkey is a Vintage sweetie which I named Emilijha after my Latvian Great Grandmother. We made her do snow angels in the snow.

My third Sock Monkey is another great Vintage guy. Totally cute and in such wonderful shape. We call him Hodge.

And.. my fourth Sock Monkey is for sure the funniest looking character....Red. Here he is hanging around.

Okay... so I have a collection now...but still no real life monkey. Ireally don't want one anymore..I have enough monkeys in my life.

My son knows how much I adored these little creatures, that he decided to make them out of clay. He even went as far as selling them on Ebay. Aren't they sweet ???

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  1. Your monkeys are precious. I never had one of the sock monkeys but always thought they were cute.

  2. good morning I came to your blog by way of Kelli and I love your monkeys
    come visit me sometime at listentogrammie...

  3. hubby's grandmother used to make these by hand!! In fact, I think I still have the two she made for our kids!! NOTHING like your collection tho...makes me wanna go out and buy a couple!

    My show and tell is shared, if you have time, I'd love for you to drop by.

  4. i love them monkeys i crocheted of them a yr ago.he was cute

  5. Your sock monkeys are just adorable!! And what a fabulous job your son did making clay ones! Sock monkeys are not something I ever recall seeing when I was growing up...I know, I'm so deprived! lol xo

  6. What a nice collection of sock monkeys! The clay monkeys your son made are such great additions as well. :)

  7. How cute! I had one when I was little -- I hope to unearth him in someone's attic some day. The clay ones are so cute and realistic!

  8. Your monkeys are adorable. I have never had a sock monkey either, but my best friend when I was growing up did and we played with it all the time.
    You and yours sons art is fantastic! The clay monkeys are so real looking!

  9. I adore sock monkeys! Yours are all so special...
    I have the one my later mother in law made for my son 39 years ago!

  10. I love your sock monkeys--especially Hodge! May your collection grow even larger!

    Cathy :)

  11. Your monkeys are so cute and adorable! I especially like the one who's doing snow angels in the snow and the one who is hanging around!

    Best wishes from Germany,

  12. I love your Monkeying Around S&T! My mother used to make those sock monkies for all the grandchildren. I wish we had kept one.

    Your childhood monkey was so cute, I'll have to go back to see if you told what his name is.

    The clay sock monkeys your son made are fabulous, how did he get the realistic sock-look texture?


    Now I'm off to check out your new site.

  13. So cute!! I love each one. Your son is very talented to make them so realistic! Blessings to you ~

  14. These are so cute and great pictures...first time at your blog I think

  15. I looked in my parents' albums for a picture of me with my old sock monkey, but I couldn't find one. There were ones of me with my other monkeys, but not the sock one. She had a green dress.

    Yours are adorable and so are the ones your son made.

    Our family is big on monkeys, too. :)