Friday, September 7, 2007

Show & Tell

Show& Tell hosted by Kelli, There No Place Like Home. Stop by her place to see more....

Here are some of the Antique and Vintage dolls in my daughters collection.

A couple Mama you remember those ???

Many composition dolls

And lastly the antique Storybook sweet.
They all have a name. I just couldn't type them all out. Thanks for stopping by !!!

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  1. Such a wonderful collection of dolls! I wish I still had some of my dolls from my childhood...I can still picture them:-) Tell your daughter her dolls are just gorgeous!! xo

  2. What a lovely collection of vintage dolls you have! What a treasure for not only you but your daughter as well. :)

  3. I was never a doll kind of child, but I can surely appreciate the beauty of these dolls! Nice collection!

  4. Oh I remember the Story Book Dolls!!!! Wish I had saved mine. I can't even remember which ones I had.

  5. What a beautiful collection! They all look so sweet!

  6. Oh what beautiful dolls! No matter how old we get we just don't outgrow them! Never lose your little girl heart! Great share--thanks!

    Cathy :)

  7. I collect dolls too! I still have some of my old dolls, will share them some day.

    Your daughter is lucky to have such a nice big collection! Tell her thanks for sharing it with us!