Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sick Days....

Well, we only just began a new School year and alredy starting it off with a bang !!! You know it's not like we are in the Public Schools with all the snotty nosed kids... and yet we still get it. well you can get it anywhere really. Didn't it say somewhere mom's don't get sick??? Yeah aha. I have been so sick and tired for the last two weeks...I am tired of being sick.
Then My 13 year old Son comes to me a few days ago... Mom I think I am sick.. I got a soar throat...lots of vitamins and cold medicines and drinks and he is already feeling better. But why oh why does mom get the double ear infection ??? Waaaahh, Sigh and snicker. We will be just taking it easy over here and by God's will hopefully little Miss won't get sick cause hubby was feelin' down a couple days ago too!!!


  1. What a cite picture! I do hope you feel better soon. And thank you for all the free cliparts!

  2. Once my kids repeatedly came down with strep throat--try about 8 tmes in just a few months. Finally our pediatrician cultured the entire family to find out if we had a "carrier". Guess who! Yep, mom was typhoid, er. . . "strep-throat Mary". Never was sick, just kinda run down. But how is a mom of 4 small kids supposed to feel right? Sounds like you must be feeling better. And the hornbook lesson was great! Happy fall~ Cathy