Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Antique Tea Cozy.........

Kelli from There Is No Place Like Home, hosts a Friday Show & Tell... Please stop by to see what others have to share.
My Show & Tell this week is my Antique Tea a wonderful Victorian Crazy Quilt Pattern, it has the most delightful stitchings from someone with quite the sewing skills.
This piece is soooo old. I am to afraid to use it.. I actually hung it on my wall , for it is truly a piece of Art work. I will be placing it in a glass shadow box when I find the perfect one for it.

I could only imagine, this may have been a Wedding gift.. I think that because of the many rings that were stitched...It is truly a remarkable piece with all sorts of colored satin fabrics. It is quite big too!!!
Since, I don't use it, my plans are to use the pattern of it and make a couple newer ones..maybe in a Crazy Quilt pattern !!!!

After boiling your water and placing it into your Tea Pot, you place your Tea Cozy over the pot while it is brewing. It helps to keep your tea warm and Cozy, for that perfect cup of Tea.
Thank You for stopping by. Have a Blessed Day !!!!


  1. This is terrific. And your style makes me feel like I'm right there beside the cozy --enjoying a cup of tea.

    Happy Weekend. And enjoy this week's show n tell!!!

  2. How pretty! I would be afraid to use it too. What a great idea to put it in a shadow box.

    Thanks for sharing

  3. I love tea cozies! It is so neat to see all the different types. :D

  4. It's beautiful and I think the shadow box idea is terrific. Wasn't there a quilt pattern long ago called "wedding ring"? I seem to remember hearing my Grandma, who was a quilter, talk about it..

  5. Love the crazy quilt cozy. It's so unusual. Enjoy.

  6. How wonderful. And so nice of you to take care of it.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. This is a very unique and beautiful item to me. So wonderful you have it and are displaying it.

  8. Your cozy is very pretty! I have never seen a crazy quilt cozy!



  9. That is a beautiful tea cozy. As a quilter I can see the work for that lovely pattern. A great treasure.

  10. Crazy Cozy indeed! How fun! I like your idea of displaying it in a shadow box!

  11. I've never seen a vintage tea cozy before so this is such a delight and like you said, the stitching is just amazing!! Love the idea of putting it in a shadow box, what a wonderful display that will be! xo

  12. What a beautiful treasure. I'd put it in a shadowbox too.