Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Birthday...

Today is my hubby's Birthday. We are blessed to have such a man as this. A wonderful husband, father and friend.

He is a blessing to everyone he touches, with a tender heart yet, firm. He is a wonderful provider and always there when you need someone the most.

He is an encourager when you think the world is crumbling around you. He has a burning faith in the Lord, always striving to glorify our Heavenly Father.

He has a passion for his family, for truth and what is right.

Happy birthday Tony, we love you !!!


  1. Mica,

    You are very blessed to have such a "Godly man" in your life and Marriage. It is so awesome to feel such a peace and connection in your lives together. I pray every day for this in my own marriage, and count my blessings as well. One day, it will also be for me in all (the Lords timing.)

    "Thank you Mica for being such a wonderful Sister~in~law to me. You are a lot like a best friend. I am so happy and blessed you are my sister in this life and.."IN CHRIST!!"

    I love you very much Mica!

  2. Give Tony a big Happy Birthday from me!! Sure looked like you put on a wonderful party for him. My bd is the 25th - what day is his? Just wondering if we share the same day.

    I miss you Mica. No more facebooki?