Thursday, November 15, 2007

Show & Tell...My Great Grandma's Feather Weight Singer Sewing Machine...

Welcome !! 'Tis Friday again and a wonderful Show & Tell hosted by
Today, I am sharing the lovely Singer Sewing Machine I inherited from my Great Grandmother. She was a wonderful seamstress who made many dresses in her lifetime. I am proud to become the family member who will surely treasure it.
When I first started making dolls 13 years ago, this was also the first machine I used. I loved it so much !!! But after selling 100 Angels through bazaars I bought a newer machine, so that I wouldn't ruin my treasure.
It is now lovingly displayed in my studio, for me to enjoy and think about her when I am there.
Thank you for stopping in today. Have a blessed weekend !!!


  1. Oh boy does this age me....I learned on a treadle Singer machine. I love the photograph composition -- you did good.

  2. I had one of these feather weight Singers and loved it. My daughter, Suzette, now has it but does not display it.

  3. Very cooooool! I love the simplicity of the old machines. You should display some of your creations too---

  4. Wow....that is awesome. What a keepsake. :D

  5. Mica! What a precious treasure you have ... and how wonderful that you even were able to USE it to create on for a time, too!!!

    Jeannene invited me to join in Friday Show & Tell, too ... I hope you will stop in to see my "treasures" as well.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  6. Mica Sweets..."What a treasure you have!!" I love this so much. You lucky duck you! You are truly blessed to have a heirloom like this in your home! Can I come over and use this to sew my!!
    Love YOU!!!!

  7. How lovely! I have my grandmother's sewing machine (electric) and my great-grandmother's sewing machine (treadle). I love the fact that they also enjoyed sewing as much as I do.

    Your photography is beautiful.

  8. What a treasure! I love the look of the old Singers and to have your Grandma's makes it really special!

  9. Grandma taught me to sew, or tried to, on a Singer treadle machine. I had much better luck with it than any of today's modern sewing machines. I wish I had that old machine. Yours is definitely a family treasure.


  10. How beautiful! I love the pictures of your special treasure!


  11. Hey, I didn't even know you had this site! Love it! That sewing machine is amazing, I can't believe it still works!
    Sandra Evertson

  12. lovely lovely..and I learned on a treadle too, but cuz it was fun..
    Your pictures are oh so lovingly done..

  13. Well Mica, I am not a home schooler (good news for my son) but I just wanted to tell you I think this is a lovely and sweet blog you have here.
    Your gradma's machine is a true treasure for you and your daughter I'm sure.

    Good thoughts for your day friend,

  14. There is just such an elegance to those older machines that you can't really find in newer machines anymore. It just seems poetic and artistically inspired.

  15. Hi, I found you while blogging this evening. Love your blog! I also home school my 2 children.
    What a treasure to have a keepsake of your grandma's, it's beautiful.

  16. What a wonderful heirloom! A treasure in such great photos!

    kari & kijsa

  17. Beautiful treasure Mica, my grandmother had one similar and gave it to my cousin years ago.

    Very nice home school blog! :)


  18. Very beautiful, and truly a wonderful treasure! :)

  19. What a beautiful piece!
    That you could use it and now display it is even more lovely.

  20. What an amazing treasure Mica! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.