Friday, February 22, 2008

Building A Bond And A Bike....

My son went to visit my dad ( Grampa) a couple of weeks ago.. to start building a hot rod style bike.. well my dad was showing him the ropes as Vin got to do the work. They spent about five hours out in the shop working on it.

Here is Vin working on his Rat. pretty cool I think. He will have a lot more work to do there to complete the project.. and what gratification to come out of building a whole bike all yourself and ride it in the wind !!! I am so happy for him.. and that he and my dad are bonding.

Here are a couple pics. of the bike thus far... there is sawing, hacking, welding, sanding, and painting involved, but will certainly be a great character builder for my young man too !! He will certainly benifit the fruits of his labor and a relationship with his Grampa is pricless.


  1. Wonderful. Some of my favorite memories of both my grandpas has been from time spent in their garages!

    Mr. V totally looks like he's loving it! Great pics!

  2. That is so precious! What a great way for grandfather and grandson to bond! My boys have a similar relationship with their grandpa and my Dad's shop looks very much like your Dad's! I bet you are proud and pleased!

    :0) Sharon