Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Many of you learned of the passing of our beloved Gramma two weeks ago. We went to Idaho where she lived. The visit brought us all together in unity and in much love. A lot of precious time was spent with cousins and the little cousins. During a sad time, it was also in a way a happy time too !!!

A time where we just talked and reminisced about the times with Gramma. We celebrated her life that week in honor. This trip really brought together a family that needed to be united and bonded back together with faith. We did just that,, and left with addresses and phone numbers and a promise that we will all stay in touch from now on.

These were all the little cousins that were with us during this time.

Top: left to right; Ruth, Melissa, Sadie, Vince and Angela.
Bottom: left to right; Teele, Josiah, Emmie, Grayson, Addy and Abriana.

Dear little ones... We love you all !! And miss you so already !!!!!

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