Monday, March 31, 2008

Missy's Big Girl Day Out !!!

One year ago on March 29th we adopted a dog, #1. As a pet for my daughter #2. A playmate for our other dog Scampy.
Scampy and Missy had a week shy of a year together as buddies...until as most of you know Scampy passed away Easter weekend. It has been pretty hard on my son and well, hard for the whole family... even Missy.
Missy has slept with my daughter from day one..last week we found her sleeping in Scampy's spot in my son's room. Then when we were talking about weather my son wanted to bury his collar or keep it, I jingled the collar and Missy came running out looking for was very sad. I just wanted to hug her.

We adopted her from PAWS last Spring, knowing only that she was about 2 years old..someone had abandoned her and erased her chip of any info. She sat in a cold little cage with a blanket and a bowl. We passed her once, not seeing her then went around a second time looking for a dog... not one seemed to be one that would fit...then there she was, pretty as ever, wagging her tail, saying " Hi take me home !!" The first test was, will she be good with my daughter. Passed !!! then we went back the next day with Scampy and they even hit it off, so we took her home.

Since we don't know her birthday, we gave her a new one. The day we got her...Things have been sad around here, but we couldn't forget about her first big year with us.... and turning 3 !!!! So My daughter and I took her out to Pet Smart to go shopping !!!

Missy has this thing for balls, especially ones that squeak...her eyes lit up when we went down the doggy toy section.

Miss Bri squeaked the balls and got Missy all excited...If she had it her way, she would have taken the whole bin with her. Missy got a pink squeaky ball and a fluffy stuffed animal mousey ball... We couldn't get her away from that section.

Then it was time to pick the collar. Choices, choices, um " I will take that one", "no I will take this one" !! We helped her pick out a pretty pink leather collar and even bought her a big red heart tag with her name on it.... She was in heaven !!! It was a good day with Missy. We love her so !!!


  1. I've had it. I've noticed you tring to one up me on the blog thing for awhile here. First you took my "Pen is Mightier than the sword", then there was the gingerbread and candy cane thievery...the total plundering of coldplay...and now... this. Missy has not only stolen the glory of my WEDDING anniversary, but seems to have gotten more treats and gifts than me to boot. All I got was a cookie! I'm...I'm....gonna go chew one of your SOCK MONKEY BIRTHDAY SLIPPERS UP!!! Yeah. So I ruined the surprise...wellll I've had it! ;)

    uh hill hill hill hill.....(that's how I laugh...for those who don't know me)

    Can't wait to see you guys friday!
    loves to you all---and...Missy too I guess. :l

  2. Happy Birthday Missy from your fur cousins. You gave me an idea about a photo shoot at Petsmart.That store is the furkids favorite place to go.They know every isle and know the parking lot.
    Your a beautiful girl.Your California family loves you sooooo much.
    Love Your family

  3. Awww..what a beautiful dog!! I'm sure she will be a sweet new friend.

  4. Those last few pics are absolutely adorable. The dog shopping!