Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Nature Walk ........



Miss Bri got a little bug kit today and wanted to test it out on a little fieldtrip, nature walk. She was in search for bugs, but they seemed to be hiding..she caught a little gnat and a weevle..but it just wasn't all that exciting to her. We thought maybe we could find more bugs in our own backyard.

We noticed all the trees were had buds and blooms on them..what a relief to see signs of Spring.. we are so done with Winter and the bitter cold. Bri and I collected moss, feathers, leaves and mushrooms for the fairies that reside at our home..... I think they will enjoy the gifts we will bring home to them.

It was a lovely day to walk around and see the wonders of God before our very eyes, sadly when we approached a lovely birdie..my camera died. It is forever in our memory now.


  1. Gorgeous pictures, I love the collage!

  2. Uh...what's a weevle??? Hey there, those are cute nature walk pictures. Do you know of any really cute victorian art (like at the top of your blog) involving uh say...seven kids??? :)