Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pike Place Market In Seattle...

The history of Pike Place Market is as rich and colorful as Seattle itself. Its nine acres and 100 years of operation encompass thousands of unique and interesting stories — stories of immigration, internment, gentrification and urban renewal — that explains why Pike Place Market is called "The Soul of Seattle."

On August 17, 1907, Pike Place Market was born. On that first day, a total of eight farmers brought their wagons to the corner of First Avenue and Pike Street—and were quickly overwhelmed by an estimated 10,000 eager shoppers. By 11:00 am, they were sold out.

Thousands of shoppers went home empty-handed, but the chaos held promise. By the end of 1907, the first Market building opened, with every space filled.A century later, Pike Place Market is internationally recognized as America's premier farmers' market and is home to nearly 200 year-round commercial businesses; 190 craftspeople and 120 farmers who rent table space by the day; 240 street performers and musicians; and 300 apartment units, most of which house low-income elderly people. "The Market," as the locals affectionately say, attracts 10 million visitors a year, making it one of Washington's most frequently visited destinations.

Today we went to Pikes Market with my Mom and Aunt, whom are visiting from California. One of our favorite places to go when bringing our relatives from out of state is here. It is always crowded and hectic but, worth the sites, colors, textures and smells of the cities Market Place. We don't go there too often, since we really aren't big city folk... and my poor Mr. Darling has commuted to work to Seattle for the last 9 years.

The kid's get a kick out of seeing the funny colorful fish on ice and the big Sea men throwing fish back and forth...except we didn't see that today. We enjoyed the sites of all the craft booths and the fresh colorful fruits and veggies... the gorgeous flower bouquets that are being put together constantly by little women behind the counters.

When we saw this fish... I swore it was painted with blue paint. Oh no, this is real. God's artistic abilities are ever so creative in His creatures. It leaves me in awe, all the time.

It is a very colorful atmosphere with lot's of things to touch and feel. Your senses are in full overload here...It is quite the experience. What is always an interest of mine is the history behind it all and that your just there walking right in the middle of it all, something that has been there for many, many generations and still running strong.

The building structure itself is pretty neat if you pay attention to details. The lights are old and the pillars are original with lovely detailed work above each one, the floor is made of tiles and each one has a name on it. There is always a lone starving musician with an instrument in hand, a case or bucket filled with money or a beautiful voice singing through the place. Having lunch there is just as fun, while you sit looking out at the Puget Sound and the high rises around you, the bustle of people and the many cars and boats. Scrumptious homemade Northwest Clam Chowder. MMM MMM. Good !!!

And don't forget to smell the flowers as you are leaving... that is the best !!!

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  1. I may not like being in the city much, but Pike Place has always been a favorite spot of mine.

    I want to find the R2D2 mailbox the next time I'm there, did you see it?

    And I need to smash pennies there too, I've sent all mine away... I'll have to do that in Leavenworth, WA too.

    Wonderful pictures... looks like you all had a good time.