Monday, April 7, 2008

When A Boy Is Becoming A Man.........

Look at you now and how much you have grown,
I can't believe how quickly the winds have blown.
Gone are the days when I held your tiny hand,
or now I look up and I see a young man.

Becoming a man is much more than I can say,

And it surely doesn't happen in a moment or a day.

I think it begins while he is still young,

When he revels in his oneness and in God.

When he beholds nature, not just laid at his feet,

But as a part of himself that makes him complete.

When he feels a sense of courage deep inside,

And his actions carry with them a sense of pride.

Becoming unselfish is a big step, too.

Feel empathy for others and never ridicule.

Be strong in your convictions, but admit when you're wrong,

Be honest and forthright and sing your own song!

It's a long, long road to manhood, my son,

And I can see that you have already begun.

And though you will journey both far and wide,

Your Mom will always be here, filled with love and pride!

My son is growing up before my eyes... I am happy, sad and holding a bag with mixed emotions. Are we raising him right? I pray we are. I say to myself, okay, I am ready for this, no I am not ready for this... oh, can't he stay my little baby boy forever, no.. I want him to be a God fearing, loving, responsible young man. I am afraid, but I have faith in God that he will pull us through this journey... as my little boy is becoming a man and started shaving !!!!! Ahhhh !!!!!!


  1. And he continues every day to grow up to be a good man. You are so blessed to have a son like Vinnie! And I'm blessed to have you all as friends.

    BTW, I barely got any sleep last night so I'm not sure I'll be coming over tonight... also, still don't have e-mail on this computer yet so either call me or leave me a comment on my blog...

    I wish I could give you that clip art I have on the Mac. but I can't find it again! ;-(

  2. Our baby boy is growing up.
    He is such a good young man. Talented, handsome and very personable.

    Love You Vinnie

  3. I just loved reading your poem. I have two sons, one is 16 and the other is 18, so I could relate!!! It is hard to let them grow-up isn't it? My oldest decided to commute to college his first year, so he's still here! I sure wasn't sad about it. I'm blessed with my two as well.

  4. Oh so nice to meet you, and thanks for stopping by my blog. I don't have sons, just daughters. It must be so wonderful to see your son becoming a man. The doll that you helped design is just gorgeous. You must feel very proud. Karen

  5. Oh! I am so not ready! I just know he's towers over me know, Right? Shaving He was just 4 yrs old 2 days ago!

    Love and miss you

    Aunt Lori

  6. Oh I know that. I feel like you . My son is now 16 and a head bigger than I. He got his first shave set when he was 14....Now he is in love with his girlfriend and she is more important than his mom....

  7. What a monumental moment.We are so very proud of Vinnie.We love him so.I remember barley 20 minutes old,now he is this fine young man...a teenager.The time does fly.I will treasure these pics.
    Love Shawny