Thursday, May 22, 2008

A New Vintage Bike

I found this Vintage Huffy on Craigs List this last weekend. We picked it up yesterday. I am so excited about it..Just needs some new tire tubes and I will be off on the road with the kids this Summer. I love the basket in the front too !!! Perfect to carry a picnic lunch in when we ride around. Have a lovely day !!!


  1. When Kevin and I were in Calistoga we saw tons of people biking, and I was marveling at how bent forward most people are on modern bikes. I told Kevin I don't think I could bike anymore because of that. I haven't tried yet, but it has me curious. I'm also wondering if I could still bike while on a vintage (style) bike since it has you siting up straight and high. Maybe I should give your bike a try the next time we're at your place. I just fear getting on my modern bike and being in so much pain after it. But when I was younger and not arthritic I used to love going on long leisurely bike rides. I think it's a wonderful treasure that you now have plans of going on outings with your family. How wonderful!


  2. Ooooh! I have one very similar, also found via Craigslist!