Monday, June 9, 2008

A Simple Womans Daybook...

I am participating in Peggy's weekly Simple Woman's Daybook

June 9th, 2008

Outside my Window... the dark skies behind my sheer golden bedroom curtains.

I am thinking... How the Lord provides.. He has given my husband, Mr. Darling a change of long overdue scenery changes at work. God is good !!!

I am thankful for...My time with a dear friend this Sunday, Mrs. Moore. I call her the Encourager... she is truly a blessing, willing to take me under her wing and help me through some challenges I am facing as a mother. Thanks be to God for her... My Encourager !!!

From the kitchen...A sink full of dishes from our BBQ, floors needing to be swept and washed and counters needing tending.

I am creating...Three Bee Dolls and more Poppet Pincushions for sale.

I am going...To our friends The Kirkmans on Tuesday to discuss her c.d , which she asked me to design her c.d cover... oh and for the kids to play, possibly swim if the sun is out.

I am comfy sweat pants, a long sleeved striped t-shirt and socks.

I am reading...The Home Schooling Mothers Devotions.

I am hoping... to finish my book in the next two weeks, in time for my Summer deadline.

I am hearing...The silence, my children are still in slumber.

Around the house...there are some messes left out since our BBQ this weekend, clean clothes on my floor..ahhh!!!

One of my favorite things...listening to my French friends, brothers band called Fairchild... debut album coming in July !!!!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...Get my house back into some sort of order, sort through my daughters room, our garage and try finishing up my studio makeover.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing for you... Here is a little peek of my studio.. I painted the cupboards, counter, walls and some furniture... still a work in progress.. but will soon reap the fruit of my labor !!!


  1. The studio is turning out very nicely. I'm still torn if I should continue to make my space work in our home office, or if I should take over the nursery for a while. I kind of feel like I'd be betraying our future family plans if I were to take over the nursery.

    It didn't seem like the house looked messy when we left Saturday. I'm sure your just seeing little things that aren't bothering anyone else.

    I'm sorry we didn't hang out yesterday but it sounds like you had a great time with Mrs. Moore, and I'm glad for that.

    Much love my dear friend,

  2. Oh good. So you are still coming over. At 11 right?

    See ya!

  3. Your blog is lovely~I enjoyed my visit sooo very much! Your studio pic is awesome! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  4. Thank you for stopping by to say hello on my blog! I love your blog and am always happy to meet other homeschool mom's!! :)

    Have a blessed day and a beautiful rest of the week!