Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I remember Laura BlogAThon Week Two (Buttons)

Please click on the top picture button to take you to more stories people are sharing about their buttons at Quill Cottage !!!

This week we will be sharing button collections, button identification and care, as well as button stories. Did you have a favorite dress with special buttons? Did you play in your grandmothers button box?
There are many descriptions of the buttons used on clothing in the Little House books, from the plain and serviceable ones for the work shirts Laura made button holes for, the bright and beautiful like the ones that looked like berries on Ma's dress that she wore to the sugaring off party, to the fabric covered ones for Laura's best brown dress. Tell us about your button tales!
I keep a large jar and some tins filled with buttons, in which I use quite often in my work. As a doll artist ... I add buttons to just about everything. I especially love old bone buttons and many of the funky vintage buttons seem to catch my eye as well.

Buttons to me, is ART in itself, each one different in shape, color, texture.. some bright , some dull, some very intricate. The tiniest buttons to the biggest buttons I have seen in my line of work. I love 'em all!!!

I love putting my hands through button bins in antique shoppes as well as search for the perfect button treasure... just sifting through each button is a treasure hunt for sure.

What would we ever do without buttons ? Now to teach my little girl how to sew on a button with a button hole just like Laura did....
Thanks for stopping in this week... hope to see you again soon !!!


  1. Your buttons are beautiful and I agree, they are little works of art! The strawberry one in your jar is so adorable. I bet it has a summer story of playing on a little girls dress or at least it should. Thank you for sharing your buttons.

  2. I so agree -- buttons are art in themselves!! I love running my hands through them as well.

    I LOVE the one in the bottom picture with a couple and the one that looks like it is crocheted.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. How the buttons put to use. So cute and so homey!

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  4. You certainly have some of the most beautiful buttons. I love the one that looks as if it had been crocheted. Thanks for the wonderful photos that perfectly illustrate your words. Oh, I also enjoyed seeing your vintage tins!