Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Leap Of Faith...

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
Hebrews 11:1

I never thought I would be saying this... But we are actually moving to California. I was originally born in Washington yet raised almost all of my young life in California. That's where Mr. Darling and I met, that's where we had our first child, that's where we lost our second child. Life became turmoil for us so we moved to Washington 10 years ago to start over. Things were set in place, Mr. Darling got a great job for the Phone Company, found an awesome Church, started a Church Plant, I gave birth to our daughter here, we bought our first home, Mr. Darling got his degree and started Seminary over the internet. Things have been great.
Yet, in our prayers and dreams Mr. Darling had always said it would be great to just quit his job and go to Seminary full time. Yes, we thought that was only a dream. Until three weeks ago when we found out that a dear friend of ours named Leonard
( who passed away three years ago)
left a will... one in which he left his Theological books to Mr. Darling and full tuition to live his dream and go to Seminary FULL TIME !!!
Yes dear friends, a man of God our friend Leonard was. He was fond of our family and had a sort of kindred sprit with Mr. Darling. He saw great potential in my husband to become a Pastor.
Will somebody please pinch me... are we dreaming here???
No, we are not. This is truly an answer to our prayers. The good Lord has shown favor in Mr. Darling... He has opened the doors wide... and we're going to walk right in. Okay so, I said all these years I would NEVER move back to California. Not me, no way, no how. But, truly the Lord has softened my heart to a wonderful future for not only my husband , but for all of us.Opportunity like this does not happen all the time.
Yes, I will go, I will leave my comfort zone, my little homie home which I will truly miss, my many friends from Church and my dad, I will miss dearly.
This is what the Lord has willed... we are humbled, we are greatful for this gift.
So now Mr. Darling is working his very last day at the Phone Company and will soon be a Westminster Seminary Man in California . I am so excited for him. He is tickled with joy and jubilee like a school boy.
One thing is we still don't even know where we will live there... A leap of faith, indeed. Our faith is in the Lord. I trust that the Lord will open a doorway to a new home.
Please keep us in your prayers. I will keep you updated on the coming events as we endeavor into a new chapter in our lives.
Blessing !!!

It sometimes takes a leap of faith

To give your life away

To someone that you cannot see

To whom you blindly pray

Faith is built on things unseen

The knowledge that He's there

To guide you through this potholed life

Away from satan's lair.

Knowing what He's done before

Should fill you full of hope

No matter what the world may bring

Together you will cope

So carry on that journey dim

He's with you all the way

To where your destination lies

To where your future lay.


  1. Dear Mica,

    I know there are a lot of "emotions" running through everyone right now. Just sit back and enjoy the Ride God has for is exciting to see him at work and he will only take you on this journey for the good of your family!! He will also have ALL the glory for this plan he has set before you all;-)) I am holding you all in prayer at this time. I believe your steps will be pleasing to him!! Please Read;

    *Philippians 4:6 and
    *I also was going to leave the chapter and verse of this next one, but I just have...have to write it out cause "I LOVE IT, and it speaks volumes to me and such a powerful verse (for YOU and your Family today), here it is;

    [For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future].
    Jeremiah 29:11 (New International Version)

    Hold Fast Dear Mica...Love you!!

  2. Bless your heart Mica. I know the uncertainty is hard but God puzzle for you will fall into place soon.

    My heart is so full of pride for my Son that I think it may burst.

    I am here for you if you need me.
    Love You

  3. You are in my prayers during this exciting time. What a wonderful legacy for Leonard to leave behind.

    On a slightly different train of thought, I had better stop saying that I will never live in CA again, or the Lord may send me there ;)

  4. I can't believe you guys are going! But it couldn't be for a better reason. Please give Tony a big HUG and congratulations from us. Of COURSE he will make a great Pastor! Leonard was a smart guy!

    We will miss you guys. :(


  5. HI
    I just came across your blog and unbelievably we live about 1/4 mile from WSC....we go to the OPC that meets at the chapel there....small world here....blessings

  6. what a wonderful answer to a dream and a prayer. I really love the poem following your post too! What a blessing.

  7. so awesome! God is so GOOD!

  8. Mica, I am so thrilled for you. I just know that God has a hand in all this goodness and this wonderful opportunity for you all. I, too, love the verse Jeannene has quoted and it is one that I trust in every day of my life. He does have a plan for each of us and we need to learn to trust in it more. (((hugs)))

  9. I read on Patti's site about the new adventure you and Tony are about to embark on. How blessed is the world that the Lord has smiled on you and given you the great privilege of carrying his word. Remember that courage is having faith in an outcome not yet known. However since this seems to be what the Lord wants, it's pretty certain the outcome will be wonderful.

  10. Wow, what a testimony to what God can do. But I feel for you. As a CA
    girl myself, born and raised. Now living in WA 18 years, I can not
    imagine ever moving back. But when God opens a door, boy does He open
    it. Amazing. Clarice