Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mica Needs........

I got this funny idea from my friend Liz

who got it from Christa.

You have to try this yourself!

Google your name and "needs" and then write 13 things it says!

Here it goes.....

Mica NEEDS........

1. Help logging in...( I need the secret code... only Mr.Darling and kid's know it to keep me from getting on the computer)

2. A loving and relaxed forever home..... ( who doesn't?)

3. A bit of TLC when stirring in.... ( If someone wants to stir me, you would certainly have to give me TLC.. I am tender you know)

4. A home & someone to love.... ( I got that plus so much more !!!)

5. To find a new home..( Well, we may have to find a temporary home in California for three years, so Mr.Darling can complete Seminary )

6. Something to keep warm on those chilly December nights... ( I do get cold in the Winter ..Mr. Darling can toast me up)

7. To have that place, a place where it is okay to be exactly who you are..... ( Except me for who I am , that's what I always say)

8. A citation to run against Faye Armitage, a Democrat from Fruit Cove, Florida... ( Well, i guess I would run after a Democrat if I were in Politics... Ha Ha Too Funny)

9. Support... ( That is true !!! I will be needing it like real bad)

10. Further information, clarification or application... ( Yes, we are making a BIG decision and need more of that)

11. To keep it on a lower setting for "mood" and run it up when the need calls for it... ( Oh Ya That's me alright !!!)

12. To Balance ...(Am I falling??? I feel like it these days)

13. More efficient methods to reach the information... (If I had that then I would know

already !!!)

Okay that was weird and true to all of it !!! Have fun playing along... if you do play, let me know I would love to come by and see what you NEED !!!!


  1. I did that once, and all I got was "naughty" stuff. Like Mommy needs (of course I used my real name) a new man; or something along those lines, LOL!

    Maybe I should type the word mommy in and see what happens?

  2. How neat! I love the relaxed forever home part. :0)

  3. What a fun and interesting thing to do Mica! I shall have to give this a try! (I don't know how you stand not being able to get on the computer . . . it would drive me up the wall!)

  4. That was fun to read.

    I'm sorry there is so much burden in your life right now. I really look forward to our camping trip so the six of us can talk and enjoy each other.

    I want to know too how I can help you cope. I want to know the practical ways I can help. I have packing material when/if you need it. Bags of it in the shed.

    I love you my dear friends

  5. I've done this too now, it's up on my site.