Monday, October 27, 2008

Yummy Caramel Apple Cards !!!!

Happy Fall !!!!
Last week we strolled over to

Kelli shared this sweet project for Fall Caramel Apple Cards. I thought they were the cutest things ever, so we decided to make them too!
My daughter loved making them. Look how happy she is. Too bad we can't eat them though. This week we will be making a couple different apple desserts for Miss Bri's Home Economics.

So be sure to stop back over to get the recipes !!!


  1. cute! Cute! CUTE!

    Going over to Kellie's blog right now to check that out!

  2. I know, those things are the cuestest aren't they?!

    We are doing a unit on Apples this week, so maybe we'll make a few up.:)

  3. So adorable Mica, and the cards aren't half bad either! Your daughter is so sweet!

  4. These are really cut and I bet Bri had fun making them too.

    Mama Chickki

  5. Those are too cute:) I love them!!!!

  6. I'm glad you joined in the fun! Your apples turned out so cute!