Monday, November 24, 2008

A Child's Elementary History Book.....

One thing I love is collecting antique school books. Last Spring while visiting family in Idaho, I came upon this neat Elementary History of Our Country text book dated 1915. I always find it quite interesting when there is a name or in this case names written in the front. This particular book has what seemed to have been siblings sharing the text book throughout the years. Introducing The Anderson children.

The first two names are boy's ( brothers) from 1916-1917. Later passing it down to their little sister in 1920-1921. Her name is written several times inside the cover. She had also written a full page of important dates in history on a separate piece of paper folded neatly and tucked between the pages of the book left here for me to find 88 years later.

I then started to wonder, what that little girl may have been like or even looked like. I googled their names, but couldn't find anything except a photograph of a little girl the same age in the year 1920. The photo gave me a picture of what she could have looked like in the same era.

I can only guess that this little girl must have really enjoyed her History lessons. Throughout the book she had written secret pages to turn to for History highlights. I found this very interesting. I know I don't know who these children were yet, I feel a little connection to their past through their hand writings they left for me to find. History is my favorite subject too.
This book has become a special find in my library. Have you ever felt such connections to the past with people, places or photos? I would love to hear your encounters !!!


  1. The only old books we have are ones that Paul's family have passed down thru the years....what a find...that little girl looks as tho she was in a very rich family with all the dolls around her...thanks for cool

  2. I love really old school books as well Mica. I have my Gran's old reader which dates back to the very early 1900's. It's very precious to me.

  3. So neat!

    I have many cookbooks that Kevin's maternal grandmother had. They aren't as old as this, but it's been neat seeing all her margin comments... seeing what worked well for her, what she had wanted to try and so on. I loved her, and this kind of is a neat find to me, it's like I can still talk food with here even though she's with Jesus now.

  4. I love old school books! We actually use them for our home school. Is that one by by Eva March Tappan? It looks familiar. What a wonderful find, especially with those notes inside. Thanks for sharing. :)