Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting !!!!

Why did I vote for McCain and Palin?
I am proud to say I voted for them because I have Christian morals against abortion, for keeping marriage between a man and a woman only, they are for the family, McCain was a war hero, they are truly Americans.
I have many more beliefs and thoughts on this subject but for me these were some at the top of my list.

Obama wants to bring America down, he is a Socialist, he has no heart for women, he believes that murdering the unborn is okay, he wants to break up family and believes in same sex marriages, he wants to shove homosexuality down our throats by putting the agenda in our children's schools, he never served for America, he isn't even an American at all.
No, I am not a racist. I have many different Nationalities and colors in my own family, I have many black friends whom by the way are not voting for Obama. I am voting for the one with good Christian morals for this is the right thing to do.
I am proud to be an American and feel shame for those who are blinded from the biast media, those who have families of their own and are willing to vote for a Socialist who is against families and life.
I pray for those who are blind by this moral truth.
Please open your eyes folks !!!
God is in control and no matter what the outcome of the votes it is ultimately God's plan no matter who gets elected.
My hope is not in any man but in God who "directs the hearts of Kings".
My friend Liz summed it up well here:
It's an easy vote, Christians. We vote for LIFE. We imitate Christ who laid down His own life, so we might live. Before we had a vote, He voted for us. In obedience to the will of the Father, He voted for us. So we imitate Him, walk by faith, in obedience, knowing that our Father can raise the state of this nation's economy just as easy as He raised Christ. He is a God of miracles and redemption. So we lay down whatever we have to....
....... to vote for those babies.

I shall wash my hands in innocence,
And I will go about Thine altar, O LORD,
That I may proclaim with a voice of Thanksgiving,
And declare all Thy miracles.Psalm 26: 6 & 7


  1. Oh Mica Amen....and God is sovereign..no matter who is in office.

    We have been blessed with God's mercy and I am still praying that we continue to have His mercy and not get who we as a nation truly deserve....

  2. GO McCain/Palin!!!!

    Please read my post on my blog. I was accused of brainwashing Bean because of a video I posted on her saying that Obama was a bad man because he kills babies, and steals our money.

    I wrote a rebuttal. I could use your encouragment!:)

  3. YES! I'm so glad you made this post my dear friend!

    I've made so many posts on my blog prior to today that I've refrained from opining at this point, but yes, these things do need to be said, and I'm glad you said it!

    I don't know if you saw my comment on Elizabeths post, but the whole pro-life thing has been a great burden to me this election. Probably more so now than usual, there truly is so much at stake.

    I agree that God is sovereign, no matter who is in office, but we as humans do have consequences for our bad actions and sometimes the more power one has, the more their consequences effect those around or below them, that's why electing upstanding Godly people is so important when electing someone for office.

    I've read some posts, from people who want this election to stop dividing Christians. But it does, simply because some are willing to listen to ideals over morals, and I think that becomes a very dangerous place to be. And there are some who say that things like abortion shouldn't be part of the decision because that's already in place. It all just is so complicated when considerations like that are made. And I personally have to listen to my heart, and what I know is right. Scripture and history give us plenty of reasons to not allow this "progressive" agenda into our nation.

    I've actually kept the TV off for the last few days. I'll probably watch some in a bit, but I just had to get to the point of saying OK God, I've done my part, now work on the rest of the hearts of your people.

  4. I think this is truly a sad day for America Mica. I know I am not an American, but I do know the difference between a good man and a bad man and I truly think this is a bad man and he will lead your country into ruin. It is painful to have this man now as the most influential and powerful man in the world. It may be historic, but it is wrong.

  5. Very well written Mica
    Papa Rooster will be proud of what you wrote when I show him.