Wednesday, December 3, 2008

December Tid Bits......

I cannot believe it is really December already. We have passed a whole Season in California already. Still missing our home in Washington, yet we are moving on here in our new life. We are thankful and blessed and don't deserve any bit of it. The Lord is good.
This month can be stressful to some, yet memorable & fun for others, as I plan to make it for our family. We already have planned many things which we are so excited to do as a family. Miss Bri went to her first Christmas party yesterday with her GEMS group. She is making friends and already planning her first Friendship Tea Party after the Holidays.
Highlights For December:
1. Women's Fellowship Cookie / Ornament Exchange Party
2. Seminary Wives Christmas Brunch
3. The Nutcracker Ballet
4. Home School Group: Kids Christmas Talent Show
5. The Christmas Carol Play
6. Wild Animal Park with Grandparents
7. Home School Group: Family Ice Skating Party
8. Home School Group: Christmas Parties for Kids and Teens
Last week my daughter got a hold of the camera. Look what happens when your not looking... and what you might find when you upload your pictures to the computer. Surprise !!!
She was caught red handed !!!
Silly girl !!
To keep family and friends posted on Seminary life... I thought I would share this photo of where Mr. Darling spends his days when he is not home. The Seminary also has a Chapel on the grounds which we attend on Sundays. You can see where we fellowship in the center of this collage. It is remarkably a 30 second drive, which is really a treat since we used to travel 45 minutes one way for 8 years to Church.
Mr. Darling is finishing his final papers and finals for the semester and will be taking a nice long overdue vacation over Christmas time until he starts back up for his second semester.
The kids are still plugging along in their studies. My son is getting back into Magic tricks and continuing his delightful compositions.

Miss. Bri is not only a student but, she is also a teacher herself.
Yet, I am not sure her pupil enjoys it.
She would rather go to sleep.


  1. Wonderful pictures all! My favorite are the collage of the Seminary and the one of Missy hitting the books herself.

    Great photos! So glad the kids really have things to keep them connected with other kids.

    Love you!

  2. I really enjoyed cathing up with all of your goings on here this morning! It sounds like you have a lot of fun activities to look forward to over this Christmas season!