Friday, January 8, 2010

Getting Cosy

After, Mr. Darling got me the 2010 craft calendar,
I found several really cute projects in there and
couldn't wait to sew up this sweet owlet egg cosy.
I used cotton batting for the body instead of felt and
had some colorful vintage fabric on hand too!
Even Miss Freckles is making one.
Though, she is a beginner in sewing,
she will probably finish her's a wee bit later.
I just love cozies.
Tea pot cozies, mug cozies, scone cozies and egg cozies
Oh My !
Yet, I never could figure out why people would need an egg cozy.
I suppose if they eat their hard boiled egg hot.
I preferably like mine cold.

No matter, this owlet is a
The gal who designed this darling,
also has the tutorial here.

If ya want one, you gotta make one!
It only takes about an hour.
Mine goes perfect with my colors!
Have fun!


  1. how cute mica!
    hey whats going on in the second half of your post?? lol!

  2. This is adorable Mica and so cheerful!

  3. I like yours better ;-) xoxoxox Clarice

  4. I am an owl maniac! I will so make some!