Friday, March 5, 2010

A Bit Of Alice

Remember last year when we had a
Mad Hatter Tea Party ?

(Click link to see)

That was fun!
The kids played a great role in the whole affair.
I have always been a fan of Lewis Carroll and his
curious stories of Alice In Wonderland & Through The Looking Glass.

My sweet Mr. Darling even got me
this quaint Wonderland mug.
It's a very busy& colorful yet, fun mug indeed!

Perfect for my morning tea.

My little Freckles and I have also been
reading Alice In Wonderland together.
Her favorite part is
The Mad Hatter Tea Party of course.

We are also going to see
Tim Burton's whimsical
Alice In Wonderland this weekend!!

It will be wonderfully, funtastically strange.

Hope you are having a curious sort of day!!!


  1. The tea party was always my favorite part as your cup..enjoy the movie....blessings

  2. Love it!

    My husband read the book a few months ago in anticipation of this movie. :) We are so excited to see it.

  3. really!!!?? We are pretty excited too! And.. hey if it's not good...I will still like it ...since I love the setting and costumes already!! Have a great day guys!!! Mica

  4. Fun fun fun. The mug is so cute .
    I am going to try to get Papa Rooster to take me to see the movie.
    Have a good time!
    Love ya