Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's Spring, It's Spring.....

Yay it's officially here !!!
We spent the afternoon with my parents
and Gramma downtown for the bluegrass festival.

I just love living near historic areas where there
are antique shops and fun things to do.
It is so quaint!!!

The first thing we did was visit the little fruit and veggie market.
My Mama bought some yummy bread,
dried apricots and we each got the biggest
chocolate dipped strawberries eva!!!!

Look how humongous these babies are.
They were so yummy and sweet.
Ooh La La.

The fruits were wonderful too!!
Even the shop keeper gave us a bushel of
green lettuce FREE, for our sweet Guinea Baby.

We walked around for a bit and listened to some bluegrass.

There were several different Bluegrass bands on the streets.
I loved seeing this wash bucket bass...

And... the banjo...
one of my faves.

We couldn't pass up going in my favorite shop...
Rooster Creek.

Here is my son waiting patiently for us women to get out of there....
Or is he praying that we would just leave.
Ha ha ha
My Mama and Gramma even bought me an EARLY Birthday gift...
I will share what I got soon!

Our time ended with Miss Freckles smelling the flowers.
Yup!!! It was just one of those kinds of days!

Even this little fella came out to smell the
flowers and waved a little goodbye.
Well, we then came home and made Sourdough burgers
and sweet potato fries yum... and...
we had Apple & Peach pie for dessert.
It was truly a delightful Spring Day spent with my family.


  1. Fabulous day Mica!! Thanks so much for sharing it with us! xxoo

  2. what a delightful day ! I love bluegrass music and it looks like gorgeous day to be out galavanting and having fun! I give your son a lot of credit.. he must be very patient.. my sons would not appreciate shopping around with me!
    have a great day!

  3. Such a beautiful fun day for you all...I love Bluegrass music...we have a festival every June in the little town next over....I would love to visit that shop...I see lots of my favorite always Freckles is adorable....our Spring day here is cold with snow falling...very strange for Texas...but,it is a blessing watching it fall from the sky...blessings on your Lord's day Mica....

  4. There's something to be said about California! ..... Beautiful pictures, beautiful post, beautiful family - as always ..... Have a great week, Mica.

  5. I want a day like that, truly xoxoxo Clarice