Thursday, March 11, 2010

We Love Cookies....

Meet our new addition to the family.

Freckles named her Oreo Cookie,
but we're calling her Cookie.
She is a 9 week old Guinea Pig (cavie).

Cookie is a really sweet little girl.
She is very connected to Freckles and I.
I am not sure though, weather Missy
( our dog )
wants to lick her or eat her.

For now we are keeping them apart.
We let Missy sniff her a little bit.
Of course, Cookie doesn't care about her though.

Freckles is so in love with this little critter.
She has been wanting another Guinea Pig
since her beloved Brownie passed away several years ago.
We thought it was about time to get another little girl.
Freckles hopes to join a 4-H Cavie club soon!!!
This little guinea girl may be in the shows before you know it!

There has been lots of cuddling and cooing going on.
Cookie & Freckles are the best of pals already.
Happy Spring!
Well, technically it will be officially Spring in two weeks!!!


  1. Welcome to the family Cookie! You will be so happy with this darling little girl!
    Hugs from Grama Patti

  2. How sweet. She looks like an oreo cookie with that white stripe down her middle! Love the pic of her and freckles together! How very precious! (the hungry looking doggie made me laugh! Our Jess would be just like that!)

  3. I still miss my guinea pig I had in high school. She was so much fun! Enjoy her.

  4. What a sweetie pie...I mean...cookie!

  5. Oh cookie is sooooo sweet. What a cutie, xoxoxo Clarice