Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hunting Buggies....

Miss Freckles & I had a wonderful day exploring in our backyard.
We were on the hunt for buggies.
We just happened to find several.
The first one...we thought was a bee...
But Miss Freckle had her trusty buggie book which told us otherwise.
This creature was a Hover Fly AKA Flower flies.
This fly gets its name from the way it hovers in the air above flowers. This is one of the best species to have in your flower garden because the larvae feed on small insects like aphids.Hover flies look a lot like honey bees, but these flies have very small antennae, while the antennae of honey bees are fairly long.
The next odd creature we found was sort of scary for us.
Can anyone say Arachnophobia!
We can tell it was a jumping spider of some sort,
but there are so many different types it is hard to tell the
exact kind we found. It had a small orange dot on the
back of it's black fuzzy back.Possibly it was a male Johnson Jumper.
Still NOT my favorite sort of bug!

This next ooey gooey creature is your common slug!
Yuck! No comment!
We took a picture anyway.

Lastly we spied our favorite friend The Honeybee!
We kept our distance from the girls while they were doing their thing.
They truly are awesome creatures.
They are surely our friends...they pollinate flowers and make honey for us!
All the while The Flight Of The Bumblebee song whirled in my head.LOL
Well, we even spotted a butterfly in our tangerine tree,
but she flew away before I could snap her picture!
Now we will record all our findings and draw pictures in our Nature Books!
Happy Springy Day to you!!!


  1. oh what fun!! I used to bug hunt when I was a kid.. well, I guess maybe thats not true.. I wasnt a bug fan.. I hunted big game.. frogs, toads, and snakes! my favorite was the toads! Id catch them and keep then for a pet for the day and then let them go. I really didnt like letting them go.. but my mother would make me!

  2. My favorite BUG is the lighting bug...I live in the country with woods all guard light went out last night just long enough for me to see that the woods were full of them...I got so excited seeing them....I told my son I believed it was a gift from God that the light went out for just long enough to see the display of wondrous little lights flashing.....he thinks I am silly....I don't...God blesses me like this so was wonderful.....blessings

  3. Oh my goodness, I just figured out that you are my sweet friend, Patti's daughter! Oh yep you for sure have got to play along in this swap game. I love your momma. And I'm glad to meet you. Hugs, Mollye

  4. What a great exploration! Your pictures are wonderful! Isn't it amazing what is living in our backyards. So much to be thankful for!