Thursday, April 1, 2010

Just In Time....

Why did we buy this sweet umbrella last week?
Well, of course we got it
for April showers.

Just in time too...
This first day of April,
the rain is coming !!

 I told Missy to get under it...
But she would rather get wet. 
She's just happy that her grass will keep green.

I guess we will have to take a walk 
in the rain 
(maybe even sing in the rain)
just to get the chance
to use this sweet umbrella 
I thrift-ed for only two dollars!!!
Well, I am off to plan out a romantic weekend.
Mr. Darling & I are celebrating 
our 16th Wedding Anniversary.


  1. Love your umbrella find...its wonderful...your previous post is too cute...I loved seeing all those sweet pictures....A very Happy Anniversary to you and Mr.Darling....many blessings

  2. Happy anniversary, ohhhh that is the sweetest umbrella, what a find xoxoxox Clarice

  3. If you come to visit me you will for sure use the umbrella! It rained for four days straight with today being sunny and we are expecting 5 more days of heavy rain and strong winds!

    I cannot believe it is your anniversary again. Seems like you just had one! Where does the time go? 16 years!!!! Congratulations you two love birds. Have a great time.
    Love you both :)