Saturday, April 17, 2010

Shop Update !!!!

I listed several of my paintings in my Etsy shop....
be sure to stop by for a gander!


  1. Love your Queen Bee painting! I also loved your posting on the different creatures you found in the garden. I've never heard of a hover fly. I'll have to watch for them now.

  2. Love them Mica, very sweet! (and unusual!)

  3. Oh my goodness, Mica, your my partner! I used to visit you for such a long time! Then my list became messed up when my blog crashed and splattered!! How have you been? I was at pinkfadedroses before, now I'm at the new blog for, oh gee can't even remember how long! My email is, we can connect addresses then. My Mom passed in 2005 and was the most remarkable woman in my life, I miss her deeply! I began today to get you some things that Mom would have loved, she was very feminine! Talk to you later, Lori