Monday, May 10, 2010

Fill them Up....

Love, love my old glass jars! 
Sometimes the packaging of store bought foods 
just isn't appealing to the eye.
So, I decided to start storing our goodies in cute glass jars.

I had bought these cuties at the thrift shop...
And spent less than 2 bucks a piece. 
Filled them up.
Now my pantry is happy inside.
And so am I !


  1. Love your keeping jars Mica...they are very pretty...I enjoyed reading your Mother's day post and the tribute to your own mama...the picture of you and freckles is so sweet....I loved it...did you make the matching dresses? They are just wonderful...have a very blessed week...

  2. Cute jars! I can remember jars like these from when I was a kid in the 70s. Should have had mom keep them! LOL

  3. I should take a pic of my old jars that I have just filled up with many items just last week. I am always picking up glass jars. I got a new (old) one last week for 25 cents.

  4. Wooohoo, what a great find and very you xoxoxo Clarice

  5. I've never seen such cute jars like that! I love using jars to hold my pasta and rice, but now I want to find some nice ones like yours!

  6. Hey, I got the same idea, I have a few jars too in my kitchen, I love the 'cozy feeling' they gave to the house.