Monday, June 7, 2010

Sweet Strawberry Jam...

 I put this post up earlier this week...
But thought it would be appropriate for Rednesday as well. hosted by
It's A Very Cherry World!

Freckles and I turned the flat of strawberries from the
other day into sweet Jam over this last weekend. 
The best part for Freckles was the smashing of the berries.

It took a bit of work... But she did it.
  She thought it was hardest to stand over the hot stove
for a long time stirring, so we took turns at the task until the jam finished it's final boil.

Then we canned the jammy goodness into 6, pint jars...
and gave it a nice hot bubbly bath in the pot.

After the jam set we had the most delicious peanut butter
Strawberry jam sandwiches for lunch.

I will never go back to store bought strawberry jam ever...
there is nothing like home canning it yourself. 
The sweet taste is out of this world !
Now I am waiting to glean from our apricot tree. 
Oh yeah!
Hope your having a sweet week!
Happy Rednesday!


  1. Mmm, strawberry jam is so delicious. I have one precious jar of strawberry rhubarb jam left in the pantry and this has reminded me that we must make more :)

    We just love homeschooling to. I would never have chose it any other way and how blessed we are to be able to do it :) Have fun planning your new year to!

  2. Oh how I miss making jam. So tasty and such fun. I used to make tons, all different flavours every year. With just Todd and myself there is no point now. We might get through a jar of jam a year!

  3. There is nothing like homemade jam. It is almost strawberry time here. I can not wait to go to the you pick farm xoxox Clarice

  4. Looks wonderful...I spy that sweet little vintage stove on your counter..blessings

  5. Ohhhhh, it looks so yummy! I just opened my 2nd last bottle of freezer jam from last summer. And I must wait until the end of June in Nova Scotia before our strawberries ripen. You've got me salivating at the mere thought!

  6. Sounds delicious!
    If you are interested in the penpal event, please pop over here and follow the instructions:) Cheers.

  7. These look so good. I love strawberry jams and it looked like y'all were having fun making it.


  9. I'll be over in a bit for breakfast. Get the toast on!! lol

  10. Hi, I am going to make strawberry jam too. Two years ago I did it and now it's all gone. And also it's DH request so why not ^_^. Thanks for dropping a comment at my site I do appreciate it. Happy Wednesday!


  11. I say the sweetest picture of all is Freckles - priceless smile!

    You're right - nothing beats homemade jam! I wish I had an apricot tree - apricot jam and pastries are my favorite!

  12. I've never ever made my own jam, but have always wanted to! I bet it was relatively easy too. Except for the smashing part!
    Happy REDnesday!

  13. Nothing beats the taste of homemade jam. Its wonderful to have such a cute assistant too! I also could not help but notice that adorable little stove in the background.

    Susan and Bentley

  14. The jam looks delicious. It seems everybody is busy making these delicious canning goods. I will have to give it a try.

  15. Oh yum yum yum! and how fun! I've never made jam and I think I need to rectify that right away now. :)

    My mommy used to make me Strawberry Jam and PB sammies. Thanks for the sweet memories.

    Happy Rednesday,

  16. Oh yes, home made is so wonderful.....wish I had some right now....but when I get strawberries, I just plain eat them!! or make smoothies! But the jam is great!!!

  17. Thanks for visiting and I, too, will be making jam soon. For strawverries I make freezer jam but for other fruits I like cooked better. It's all good...........

  18. Oh, I was just drooling looking at thee pictures!!