Monday, July 26, 2010

Day At The Zoo

Hello !!!
This weeks out door challenge is a trip to
The San Diego Zoo. Freckles, Gramma called the
other day to see if we wanted to go to the zoo this
weekend since she had a couple free passes. Yes!
Of course we said, we would love to join them to see the animals.

First, we took the 35 minute bus tour around the zoo.
It was our first time ever going around the zoo this way. 
And... gave us a pretty good view of most of the animals in their habitats.

Of course Freckles had to stop for
  a smashed penny souvenir.

It was kinda neat actually seeing the hippos sleeping on land.
I have always seen them in the water.

For lunch.... We ate at The Saber tooth Grill located
right in the new Elephant Odessy,
overlooking the elephants roaming around. 
That was surely the highlight of our day! After lunch me, 
Freckles and Pop Pop went off to view the elephants up close.

Our last stop was The Polar Plunge where you will find 
two big polar bears frolicking in the water
and eating on big pieces of meat. 
They are really huge bears up close!

We then took the sky tram back over to the front where Gramma
and Great Gramma were waiting for us. Notice... 
We even got the sky car Freckles was hoping for....
The Elephant!!!

It was exciting to get up there, except Freckles had a bit
of anxiety and fear of  being so high up... 
It took a couple of minutes for her to relax...
Enough to snap a shot of her and Pop Pop!
She smiled!

It was a nice warm Summer day spent outside sharing 
the day with Grandparents and animals...
What more could one ask for !
Here's to a great week ahead!!!


  1. I love the zoo and havent been to one in soo long. We have two zoos only an hour away each.. maybe one day this summer I need to go on a zoo trip!
    mica, I need your email address. the one i had for you isnt working for me.

  2. So much fun, San Diego zoo is a really amazing zoo. A perfect way to spend the day xoxoxox Clarice

  3. Looks like it was a fun filled day for all...thanks for sharing it with us....blessings

  4. Gosh we haven't been to the Zoo in a while! I love all the pix :)

    Sandy xox

  5. OH was that at the San Diego Zoo? I got to visit it last year and I was so hot that I just stayed on the tour bus the whole!