Monday, December 6, 2010

Good ole' Saint Nick....

It's Saint Nicks Birthday today!
 Every year we celebrate it by filling
 wooden shoes with goodies for our kids.
 I love this tradition. It is so sweet.
 I filled them with peppermints and a few
 ornaments I found thrifting for only 25. cents.

You can find out more about
 St. Nick here...
And see the last couple years of our celebrating this day.

Freckles gave Good Ole' St. Nick
 a big birthday kiss today!

Start a new tradition for next Christmas!
Many Jolly merriements coming your way!!!


  1. What a wonderful tradition Mica! I loved reading about it and seeing the pictures! You share the neatest things with us! xxoo

  2. Wonderful post the picture of Freckles kissing Santa....what a cute card that would make....blessings,Shelley

  3. Happy belated St. Nick. I love seeing all your traditions. We will be cutting down our Christmas tree tomorrow. In the evening we decorate it and only eat appetizers. I am sick, so I will watch everyone. Enjoy your week xoxo Clarice