Sunday, December 26, 2010

Molly Monkey...

Shes spunky, she's funky,she's a vibrant little monkey. All dressed in happy colors and ready to play. Meet Molly Monkey... a sweet lil gal I made for my daughter this Christmas. I used a free pdf pattern to make her
 which you can find here.
I am joining up with Rednesday here:
 I loved her when I first saw this online and knew I would have to make her for my little girl. Ever since I was a young girl I had this love for monkey's. I would hang monkey pictures in my room and was given stuffed monkeys throughout the years, they were the first critters I would want to see in the zoo. I never lost my love for them...they will always have a special place in my heart.

I used red corduroy for the main body with coordinating red fabrics.
Check pout those sweet felt Mary Jane's.
Those are my faves.
 I added a little white collar and a button to the front.
Embroidered a few features on her wool felted face
 as the sweet little red beret topped her off!

She was instantly loved as soon as she was opened.
I am a happy Mama....
Have a great day!!!


  1. I love her too.... :)
    My youngest daughter Kathy(31)also loved monkeys as a little,her Kalyn loves them....What is not to love about yours? She is just adorable....have a blessed coming New year...

  2. She's adorable Mica! I would have loved to get one of these when I was a girl. Heck I'd love it now!! Lucky Freckles! xxoo

  3. YOur monkey is adorable! you always make the most cheerful things! I'm glad you and your sweet family had a great christmas. we did too!
    that new baby is so awesome!
    anyways.. I'm still behind in my crazy life.. wondering if I paid my phone bill this month???!!!
    so a quick stop in to say hi to a few bloggy pals.. and off I go to try to get my day in order.. (shouldnt be too hard.. I have to go to work!)
    hugs and just in case I dont get back before the weeks end..

  4. I love her little *Grin* to the side!! And the red coordinating fabrics go so well too. She is so Sweet and Adorable to look at!! It's a Precious Gift from a talented Mommy!! xoxo

  5. Oh, how sweet! She looks lovely in red. I'm so glad you could use the pattern to create happiness for Christmas. Happy happy new year!

  6. Oh my gosh, how sweet Molly is and so you xoxox Clarice

  7. Molly Monkey is just precious. Thank you for sharing her with us all on Rednesday.

  8. Love your blog and Molly Monkey. She is adorable.

  9. Did you made that or is it store bought? What a cutie. Happe red week. Happy Holidays to you/

  10. I love sweet Molly Monkey, she is so cute !

  11. She is a beautiful monkey! You did a wonderful job with her. I bet your daughter just loves her.

  12. Molly is the sweetest monkey ever, from the adorable expression on her face right down to those cute Mary Janes! I'm sure she will be treasured by your daughter, and she's sure to become a family keepsake, passed down through the generations!
    Happy REDnesday and Happy New Year!