Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Bowl Full of Goodness!

While thrifting a while back I found this sweet Pyrex Butterprint dish and instantly fell in love with it...The price was right at $3.00 so couldn't pass it up since they sell for quite a bit more on Ebay!
The 'butterprint' design was a popular one for Pyrex. Its homespun rural charm reminds people of earlier times when people worked the soil, grew their own food, and the kitchen was the center of home life for most families. The print features an Amish looking farmer and his wife carrying bushels.

The couple is surrounded by pictures of common field
crops such as wheat sheaves tied with twine, corn stalks, and also roosters.
The Butterprint pattern may have been Pyrex`s most successful design, so there are many high quality pieces still to be found for sale. It was first introduced in 1957 at a time when many suburban families decorated their homes with scenes from the simple farming life of the 1800`s.

It's actually bigger than it looks in these pictures since.... #1, the strawberries are actually pretty is a medium size mixing bowl....not a little cereal bowl. I had it waiting in my cupboard to use for something, I added the beautiful strawberries to it...The colors just popped out! It is so pretty it made me all giddy inside, so I had to show you!

This is one of my absolute favorite prints from Pyrex.
 I hope to add to it just to make a set...someday!
 I also love the friendship fun and brilliant colors...
I am still gearing myself up for our jam session. It has been so busy around here, I just haven't had the time. The strawberry stands around here are bursting with fresh local strawberries...I can't wait to get my hands on them. For now we are just munching away on them as snacks. I dehydrated some the other day then cut some up in a bowl with a dash of sugar on them just like my Mama made when I was a kid. It brings to mind some happy moments in my childhood. Thanks mom!
My little Freckles loves 'em just this way! Wow, this week is coming to an end. Hope y'all are having a great week. We are going on a little field trip today, doing a bit of crafting and counting the days till our boy gets home from Seattle...May your day be Bright!!!
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  1. That is a good buy in the Pyrex bowl. However, I prefer the strawberries that are in it.

  2. Love the Pyrex Butterprint bowl, and those strawberries look scrumptious! $3 is a deal for the bowl!

  3. I LOVE the bowl!! It really is beautiful! Visiting from Things I Love Thursday-- come see my post:

    Desiree @ Wee Share

  4. Hi MIcah! My mom had this pyrex pattern in her kitchen when I was growing up. I think she still has some pieces. She got married in 1960. Love seeing the bowl and aqua and red always look good together. Our strawberry stands are all open too. Yum!

  5. What an amazing find, for such a prace. Enjoy!! By the way yesterday was sooo beautiful and sunny, today grey ;-( xoxoxo Clarice

  6. That is a great little bowl. I love all of the pyrex designs in blue and turquoise colors. Those strawberries look delicious!!

  7. If I had only known how vintage Pyrex was going to become, I think I would have bought A LOT more of it back when it wasn't!

  8. Mica I have 4 of these bowls in graduating sizes and I never use them. Wish you were here I would bring them over to you.

    It sure looks pretty with the strawberries in it!

    Happy Mothers Day Sweet Mica
    Love Ya