Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Maw & Paw....

This Summer is already slipping away quickly. It has been a busy year, especially for my dear Mr. Darling...He has been in the midst of some really deep work in school. Sometimes it seems he has no time for the world that is going on arouind him. Now he is busy this Summer working hard at his Summer internship. Gone most of the week and preparing for sermons...It still seems as if he doesn't have a moment to breath or rest. It has been weeks since we have had a coffee date. I think I am just missing him. If we can't make it out for a date, then I'll just have to plan a date in the breakfast nook...Just me and him and a cup of coffee.....Tea for me!
So we can just talk and pray, hold hands and be together!!!

Maw & Paw time is very important you know!!!
Hope your makin' time for your Hubby!!!
Have a Happy Day!!!


  1. I love those sweet coffee mugs!!! How adorable are those?!! I hope you two get away and have some ice cream, root beer floats, smoothies or Iced Coffee together. It's soooo HOT this summer. He needs a break too. So happy he is almost done... whoohoo!! Love ya...

  2. Sweet post...blessings to you and hubby...

  3. First of all, you just always have the cutest things in your home. I love the photos of all your little goodies. Second, I can totally relate and miss my hubby so much. He works out of town often and long hours all the time and it is hard to carve time out for us with all the needs of the house and family. It is a must though isn't is?? I need to make a date with him soon.

  4. fun mugs! hope you found some time to spend with your hubby!

  5. Your breakfast nook date sounds like a good plan! Have fun with your hubby!

  6. Cute coffee mugs.
    Hey you guys have a fun time. You deserve every minute you can get together.
    Love you