Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Scrappy Cuff Tutorial

Just a few scraps and you can make this fun, spunky wrist cuff for yourself.

Gather your scraps. The main base is old white stretch can use jeans of any color or dye white jean scraps your choice of colors. You'll need your fabric choices, some felt or wool, yarns, t-shirt fabric, laces, rick rack, buttons, tulle, sewing machine and imagination.
I started out by cutting a piece of jean fabric 5 inches long by 2 inches wide...Then pulled on some of the strings and frayed the edges. Then did a sloppy zig zag stitch around the edge. After sewing the edges...I took a t-shirt and cut off a strip about 12 inches long by 1/4 inch wide...placing the fabric in the middle of my jean fabric, leaving even loose ends on each side...which will become the ties for your cuff. look at pictures for help. Next I took a piece of fun cotton fabric and cut it just a bit smaller than the jean fabric base...see picture to get a rough idea of the size. Sew right on top of jean fabric right on top of the tie, around all four edges.
Now your ready to embellish the top. I used wool for a flower and leaf. Some fun yarn and two small pieces  of tulle cut out like a flowers. First I layed the tulle piece where I wanted them and tacked a stitch in. Then i placed a couple pieces of yarn in a squiggly position and zig zag stitched that in place. Finally I placed the flower pieces and leaf where i wanted it and simply sewed it in place giving some extra stitchy design to the leaf by sewing it around a bit. It is very sloppy, but so whimsical.
You can add whatever you wish to these..buttons, more flowers and tulle...It's all up to you to get creative with it. This project is easy enough to do with your child whom has a little experience with a sewing machine..And....They only take about 15-20 minutes to put together...Easy.

Now tie onto your wrist, throw on a cute outfit and you have got some fun style.
We made two so far....and it is a hit with my daughter.
Any questions...please contact me.
Happy scrappy sewing.


  1. What a fab idea to use up scraps Mica! I love them. They're very pretty. Well done! xxoo