Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sewing Class....

Happy October!
We finally got around to our sewing class. I intended for Freckles to start with a doll...But with much thought I decided to do something a little simpler first. A project that is more straight lined and only takes a couple days. We found this great pinwheel doll quilt tutorial on the web...So decide this would be her first project for her dolls. The fun part was picking out the fabrics from the sowing box. This would be a little bit of a challenge for us since I have never made pinwheels. We sat down and cut out all the pieces needed for the quilt, cut and sewed all the little pinwheels together with some help of course. I think they turned out pretty darn good for being our first pinwheels. Just don't look too close.
I then let Freckles put her color designs together in their rows...Then she settled into more sewing. Each row was sewn together pretty nicely. I am so proud of her...It was a little difficult for her to keep the foot straight on the fabric line and she was speeding on the pedal...I had to slow her down a bit before she got a ticket. I got behind her a few times biting my tongue and trying really hard to let her do it on her own...So I helped her hands guide the fabric along the foot, keeping it as straight as possible.
After the blocks were together we moved onto sewing the remainder pieces onto the sides... It was taking shape and looking so cute. It really helps to have a receptive student and a patient teacher. We decided after the several hours we put into it, that we would take a break and finish off the quilt with the batting, binding and machine quilting this weekend. I am so thrilled that we got this far in one day. Freckles will soon be on the road to sewing very well, following instruction and completing projects all on her own. We will be sure to show you the finished dolly quilt soon.

Happy Dance....Happy Sewing...


  1. Oh, that turned out beautiful Mica and what a great job! Love the colours! Way to go Freckles! xxoo

  2. So pretty...can't wait to come back and see it finished...blessings

  3. Oh I wish I could take the class. I so wish my ma had taught me to sew.

  4. So fun!! Can I please come take a class? I would LOVE to feel confident sewing. You're such a fun teacher! Have a great school week!

  5. oh my gosh Mica, it turned out so pretty!
    Abrianna did a wonderful job.
    I am proud both of you. Great job girls!

  6. I love the photo of her sewing. She looks so much like my favorite cousin, Cassandra. :) I always think of her when I come to your blog and see your girl.

    Eli is making his Link costume this month. First sewing project for him on a machine and with a pattern. He is so excited.

    Keep up that lovely life, bloggy friend.