Monday, November 14, 2011


Can you believe...I have reached 800 blogging posts? Crazy. I started this blog in 2007. The Child's Paper was a way to share with family afar, friends and fellow home schoolers. I had kept my art blog separate a year or two before starting this blog which has grown through the years into more...This has become a place to share everything about our family. From home schooling my children to everyday things, decorating, cooking/baking, collecting, thrifting, canning, homemaking, my art, crafting/sewing and photography. My personal thoughts, feelings and prayers have been expressed through words and pictures. As many of my readers know...I am a lot more visual...Pictures are like little pieces of art...through my eyes or rose colored glasses, I am able to express who I am ...and the wonders and blessings that God gives us. I am considered shy in nature, quiet and soft spoken with few words...But my mind is filled with dreams, pictures, color and texture...My heart is big, my quiver is full and I am content. Through the years I have made some very special friends some I have never met face to face, few I have had the honor of sharing time with. Blogging has been a blessing, as reading other blogs has given me inspiration...I love that we can share our lives with like minded creative souls...I have found so many beautiful, genuine people in the blogging community...Many have been so supportive...I hope I have been the same for them.

I pray that The Child's Paper would be a blessing for others...I hope you find inspiration in some of my thoughts, my life and pictures. I hope you will stick with me for another 800+ posts. It has been fun getting to know y'all. Even my lurking readers...I am thankful for you too. If you ever get the courage to say hey...Leave me a comment some time....let me know you are there. ;)
Dearest Family, friends and loyal readers. Thanks for always being there...For always being so sweet and encouraging. If it weren't for you...I probably wouldn't have kept this going for so long. I am just tickled that you all find something you like here.

Today I am thankful for:
71. YOU
72. For cameras...I love taking pictures, that is for SURE.
73. Blogging
74. sharing
75. words


  1. And I am thankful for you and the blog that you share yourself through. happy 800th! I'm right behind you with 700 something.. though closer to 700 then 800!

  2. I bet I have visited almost everyone of those post...Well,maybe :)
    I tried commenting on your most recent post but,I wasn't able to because your playlist was covering the comment link...just thought I would let you know. Anyway your idea for your husbands birthday party sounds like fun....Happy Birthday to Mr.Darling.....blessings

  3. Hooray for 800 posts! Wowzers! And know that you have been such a blessing, inspiration and support for this new homeschooling mamma! Blessings to you!!!!!