Sunday, November 20, 2011

Back In Time....

This weekend we went back in time to the days of The Civil War. Where President Abraham Lincoln was President and we were at war between the North and the South. A time where ladies wore big gowns and hoop skirts with their hair up , where men wore button ups and trousers and children went to school in little one room school houses. We hopped on the stagecoach to be a part of a special 150th Civil War Anniversary Event at the HistoricVail Ranch.For the Re-enactment of the discovery and arrest of the Showalter Secessionist Party in November 1861.There were Displays, costumed soldiers, camps, and demonstrations...With a Barn dance that evening which I will blog about next time.   
We met soldiers dressed in their uniforms, holding their rifles and pistols as they shot off many rounds for the spectators. There were lovely ladies in full gowns and pretty hats making braided ribbons, selling their goodes at the merchantile and roaming around with parasols.

We also met a very talented artist who was working on his little peg soldiers...His drawings are brilliant and depicted the era with fine skill, and brought everything to life. You can see his love for American history in detail and passion. If you love or know someone who would appericiate Historical art from that era or bygone days be sure to click the links.
We learned much about the history of the Civil War to our very own history in our town during that period. It was quite fascinating really.
They also provided yummy homemade cookies and apple cider to keep us warm as it was a chilly afternoon. We enjoyed conversation with many of the people among us learning as we went along and trying to grasp the time at hand...We felt as if we were truly in the past for just that moment.
The firearms were shot off periodically which would make you jump when you least expected...Yet only gave the feeling of that day even more authenticity. It was really a delight to step back in time hearing the sounds and smelling the cool air while taking in the sights with our own eyes....It was almost magical since we are really into history. I love anything that brings history to life and this just cut the cake.
Another memory we will cherish of that day was a visit with this man...His name is Malcolm Barnett....He has lived in our town his whole life as he is a 4th generation member of his family who truly has roots and knows all the history of our little town. He sat with my kids and I for some time showing us pictures pointing out his great grandfathers and even pictures of  himself as a young boy from a book that was written with all the history of our city. It was so sweet. He was the sweetest soul .....
My visionary taste buds were on full tilt. It was a day that really in many ways blessed us. I am not sure how many spectators felt the way as I did this weekend...But I sure did appericiate the effort and time that was put into this weekend...As they work to preserve our history through these means.
If you ever have a chance to do something like this in your own town...I encourage you to go and feed your family some history come to is a fun interactive, hands on way to enjoy the fruits of the past.
Today I am thankful for:
91. History
92. My town
93. Re enactors
94. To touch, to feel and to see wonders
95. Our freedom

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  1. That was very interesting. I've never thought about any kind of Civil War heritage in the west (other than unreconstructed confederates that headed west or to Mexico after the war). Thanks for sharing.

    Of course here in Tennessee we are in the land of perpetual Civil War re-enactments. We live only an hour away from Shiloh, where we went to a huge re-enactment last spring. And our little town of Germantown, just outside of Memphis, holds the remains of the Union occupation earthen fort, where growing up (before it was made a city park and excavated) we would find shells, buttons, and other bits and pieces. When I was young, our librarian (who was in her 60's, would tell stories of her grandparents, who lived during the Civil War, and about how the Union army had orders to burn the churches and public buildings here, but he and one of the ministers were both Masons, so he spared the churches and the Masonic lodge.