Friday, November 11, 2011


Today we remember those who served  in the military and to those who lost their lives to war for our country. We also remember those who are serving now so that our country is safe to live. I am thankful to all those who fought for our freedom and to those who died for it...It reminds me of Christ who ultimately died for our freedom of sin. What a sacrifice. I am thankful to my family members who served...My father was in the Vietnam War, My step father served in the Army, my Father in law served in the Marines, my brother in law served in the Marines, my cousin is currently serving in the Marines...and the many friends also currently serving in the Marines. Our Pastors son who was hit with a IED a couple years ago is doing well now, Our friend who is currently in Afghanistan ministering to the soldiers, sadly had to watch a young man die today due to being hit by an IED. Thank you to those brave souls who serve.
I am thankful for:
56. The veterans and brave soldiers who serve our country and willing to lose their lives for our freedom.

57. For the way's we are able to read, listen to or watch what is going on around us through the paper, the television or the radio. News travels fast.

58. For cameras. Just being able to capture an image is truly amazing. Long ago you had to have your portraits painted or a professional could take your picture...Then came along had to wait a week or two just to get pictures processed...Now you can take an instant digital photo and upload it to a computer....that is really spectacular. I am a visual person...I really love taking pictures...
that I am so thankful for.

59. I am blessed to know my Gramma. Just to sit an listen to her share her life in Latvia, when she had to flee her country during  the war. She had to leave her own Gramma behind and stayed in Berlin with her father then had to go live with an Aunt in Germany. Her life was hard. She talked about her and Grampa coming to America and how she was reunited with her mother then reunited with her Gramma many years later. My kids and I enjoyed the evening just listening to her voice. A time I will forever cherish.
60. I am thankful to be her Grand Daughter.

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  1. Great pic of Grandma Rita!!! You have such a great eye!