Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Greatest Joy...

One of my greatest joys is being a mother. From the moment I conceived and felt them within my womb, my love grew for each one of my babies whom I didn't even know yet. That love is so strong...By the time they were brought into this world hearing their tiny cry, I knew they were mine. The first look into their big eyes the love became more real...I was mesmerized by the miracle of  the tiniest being knit in the whom created by God and gifted to us. Each day that has passed I am still in awe and wonder when it comes to my children, even on their not so good days. I am blessed to have the name mom....Given this opportunity to raise these children to live for the Lord, to see them grow into the beautiful people that they are.

We have always been an open family... We pray together, talk together, sort out difficult issues and rejoice in blessings. We have shared much hurt, sorrow and tears yet have enjoyed laughter, joy and comfort. Everyday we say good morning and always say goodnight, and we always, always, always say "I love you" at least a million times a day. Okay, maybe not that much...But we do say it quite a bit.

We have worn our hearts on our sleeves and let out the biggest giggles anyone has ever heard.... I just couldn't ask for anything more or less than the gift of motherhood. I am always sure to tell my friends who are newly parents to be sure not to blink. for they grow up so fast. Yeah, it kind of bothers me a bit. I just wish they would be little for just a bit longer... Clearly that isn't going to happen. I will always cherish the times I have spent and get to spend with my children, I can tell you I will and do not regret one single thing...and look forward to what is to come...It's like waiting for a big Christmas present.

Today I am thankful for:

26. Spending quality time with my children.
27. Sharing dreams with my children.
28. Praying with my children.
29. hearing the laughter of my children.
30. Seeing my children smile.


  1. You have a beautiful family Mica. You so very blessed. Family is everything. xxoo

  2. and you are a wonderful mother.

  3. "Children"...for most such an easy and most precious thing to be thankful for ...for some..they just don't get it for some sad to me.
    I am very thankful for my dear children....I too wish they might have stayed little just a little longer :)
    Blessings dear Mica....