Sunday, December 4, 2011

Celebrating 80 Years....

We celebrated my Gramma's birthday this last weekend. She is 80 years young... Family and friends gathered together to celebrate her life. We had the opportunity to share special past memories of our times with her, and I shared a poem I had written her a few years back...It was a special day in which our family was blessed to share with her. With prayers she will have many more years ahead of her. The past several visits with my Gramma have been meaningful as my children and I have made it a point to really sit down and talk to her about her life in Latvia and here in America. With the small family we have she has expressed her love and fulfillment has been nothing but her family. I am ever so blessed to have her as my Gramma.
She blew out one big candle this year...for I am sure 80 candles would have winded her. My Gramma has emphysema, which she has to use oxygen for much of her day at home....This Summer she also suffered a heart attack... I have one thing to say to people...Please don't smoke. It really can hurt you or kill you. Now because of the issues she has it is always a concern if she were to get ill or pneumonia...for they have almost taken her life on several occasions and surely could still take her in a heartbeat. I am grateful she is still here now...And cherish the moments we have with her. She is my only grandparent left...for I pray she will be with us for many more years, to see my kids grow up and perhaps see her Great Great Grandchildren. The party went smoothly and she enjoyed herself and had a bit of fun too. My family loved so much the idea of a photo booth set up like I did for My Dear Mr. Darlings birthday last weekend, so we decided to do the same for my Gramma's birthday. I set up a little corner in my parents backyard to take pictures of the family...These pictures will then be made into a special book for my Gramma to always remember. Here are just a handful of some of the snapshots I got...Everyone had a blast doing it.
Hope you al have a wonderful week ahead.
Cheers to my Gramma...
She is very much loved.


  1. Happy Birthday to Gramma! She is beautiful. My sweet mama will be 80 next July. That is a scary feeling to me. I haven't had my grandparents in many moons...they are with God and I am looking forward to being reunited with them someday.I see you in your Gramma's face..a sweet resemblance.
    Blessings on your week dear Mica.

  2. BEAUTIFULLY CAPTURED Birthday Party! As you always do with your pictures/photography Mica!!! Loved the photo shoot idea too. Just lovely!!! How do you get your picture images so big? If I try mine, it goes off my! Sweet Memories!

    Hope you all stay warm this week, it's going to be "Cold out There". Warm hugs to y'all ♥

  3. What a beauty she is. :) Happy day to you, Gramma!

    I second the smoking. It took my mother's mother from us way too soon. :(

  4. Happy Birthday to your Gramma!! She looks so sweet and is so pretty. My mom will be 80 on her birthday in July. I am hoping that I can make it over for the occasion. xxoo

  5. Grandma looks so beautiful! She looks happy too. You are so sweet to do this for her Mica. Give her my love next time you see her and tell her I said Happy Birthday !