Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Let The Christmas Week Begin...

We are making merry this week....I decorated another tree in my house.
 I got a little white tree for 8 bucks and set it up in the kitchen....
So glad I did...It looks so cheery.
Right now....We are lovin'
We have been playing it over and over while baking and making merry memories.
We made Christmas Root beer Floats in some fun tall Christmasy Glasses from The Dollar Tree.
Whip cream, sprinkles and yes, a cherry on top.
A wonderful Santa gift came in the mail all the way from
New York City, for little ole' me.
This little guy was sent to me by
Oh man...this little reindeer is the sweetest thing I have seen in a while.
I am so excited she sent me one. He is so stinkin' cute and so tiny, he fits in the palm of my hand.
 He will be cherished for many Christmas' to come.
Okay, so we have been having some fun family game nights too....
We played Cranium the other night. It was loads of fun and laughs together. The boy's lost won....
There will be a re~match though...so, they better watch out.
Okay, so I couldn't resit.....
I had to show you this little guy one more time. Just adorable....Absolutely
 A~D~O ~R~ A~ B~ L~ E...
I love him.
Hope you have a fun filled week with your family.
We are counting down.


  1. Oh my! That little deer is adorable! And I am totally going to check out the Christmas tunes!

  2. Such a cute little deer....such a sweet gift...Christmas blessings

  3. I'm sooo glad you like him! You deserve a sweet treat! and I love knowing that he makes you smile!
    lots of fun going on at your place.. Im getting a little tired and still have so much to do.. I just need to rest tonight though.. so off the computer and to the couch!
    love ya and Merry Christmas!

  4. *sneaks into Mica's house and steals that adorable little reindeer*

    And my ballerinas would be ALL OVER those root beer floats in those glasses. SOOOOOO cute! I wonder if they have them at my Dollar Tree.

  5. She is one of my favorite actresses! Oh my, how I adore you! Let's live next door to one another, k?

    The reindeer...what a precious gift.