Monday, December 12, 2011

Preparing For St. Lucy's Day....

This is a two part post for St. Lucy's Day ( St. Lucia). The past 4-5 years we started celebrating St. Lucia's Day. My daughter loved reading The American Girl books. One character know as Kirsten is a Swedish girl who in the" Kirsten's Gift" book celebrates that special day. That is when it became a tradition for us. My daughter has dressed in a white dress and red sash with a greenery crown and candles every year since. Each year we have baked St. Lucia''s buns and made coffee and cocoa as she would serve her daddy in bed that morning. It has been an occasion we have fondly fell in love with and look forward to every year.
This year she wears her white nightgown and will be serving
 St. Lucia's Crown Cake.

Let's look at my sweet little girl several years back.... This was our first year celebrating St. Lucia's Day. We made the buns and served coffee to her daddy...I will never forget how scared she was walking down the hall holding the tray of goodies and hot coffee with a lit candle. Thankfully she didn't spill it over...
My hand was there just in case.
Then last year we put a wreath atop her head with candles in it.
 I didn't light them though. I just can't bare to think of my baby girl getting burned on accident.
 We had found the dress for her while thrifting...It was perfect.
So we're off to bake our crown cake for midnight, St. Lucy's morning.


  1. what a great tradition. I bet she will do the same with her daughters someday!
    Youre a good mother Mica!

  2. You are such a good momma! What a blessing! My daughter LOVES those books and is getting a few for Christmas. :)