Friday, December 2, 2011

The Christmas Trees Are A Glow...

We spent the last couple days putting out all the Christmas decorations and two trees this year. Whew, that is a lot of work... I have 7 bins of Christmas stuff...It was fun though...We love Christmas time...Opening the boxes of ornaments, reminiscing on where we got them or who gave them to us. Thinking about all the wonderful things God has blessed us with...and why we celebrate Christmas.
I'm just sharing a few pictures of ornaments from my tree, cause if I showed you every single one that would be kinda boring wouldn't it. These are just a few of my favorite old vintage ornaments I saved from thrift shops. I am unsure of their age...But you can surely tell they are worn
 and have seen many Christmas mornings.
Like this little snow gal...She has surely seen some better days.
 I love her though she is tattered...I am sure she will share many more Christmas's with us.
I have several old German glass ornaments as well...I have treasured these for many years. Unfortunately a couple have broken through the years of moving. I try to package them up all snug and cushy throughout the year...Some of them have also been around for a long time.
 It amazes me that they are still around since they can break so easily.
Ahh yes...This is one of several mischievous little elves we have....they hide throughout the season and can be found in the strangest places...We are always on the look out for them hiding in the bathroom or in Mr. Darlings study found in his desk drawer...Sometimes they even hide in the refrigerator, sneaking a midnight snack.Little stinkers. You have to watch out for them I tell ya, no one likes an elf tickling their toes under the covers in the middle of the night while your trying to sleep.
This year will most likely be our last Christmas in this house, before we move on to a new home as soon as Mr. Darling graduates from Seminary this Spring. This will be our second Christmas here...We are very blessed and thankful for the home the Lord has provided us for these past seasons. I pray this will be yet a glorious Christmas to remember and cherish always.
Do you have your Christmas trees up yet?


  1. Love the vintage goodies and your home is always so cozy. Your Santas are fabulous.

  2. I did so much less this year than usual but,I am getting a little older,losing more mobility so,I am having to cut way back. However, there will never be a time in my life as long as I live that I won't have some kind of decoration up for Christmas... even if it isn't anything but the Nativity which seems to me the most significant decoration of all. Your home looks so cherry and festive...hope you are feeling better......blessings Thanks for your sweet comment today.

  3. You have an absolute knack at putting these vintage things together and showing them new love. Those Santa mugs? Now I think I will have to start a collection of them too. Blogging has turned me into a thrift shop junky! I'll start keeping my eyes peeled for those now too.

    Thanks for sharing your warm and cozy home with us.

  4. Love your Festive look on your page Mica, and I love seeing your CVhristmas decorations. You have a beautifully cosy and welcoming home. Thanks for sharing all that you do so generously with each of us. xxoo

  5. Two trees? !! I see them and they are beautiful Mica. Your home is all warm and cozy for Christmas time. I miss that alot.
    Love ya