Monday, January 2, 2012

Fun Hot Find...

While thrifting...I found this Lily weaving loom with 4 bags of Lily Loops... Three of the packages never opened. As far as I know the Lily weaving loom and loops are from the 50's. Have they really been sitting in someones attic that long? Well, for a couple bucks...I picked it up. I love the old looms and loops...Unlike the ones that are for sale these days made of plastic and nylon. The old Lily loom is metal and the loops are jersy knit. I had fun with them too. I made 2 hot pads so far.

Look at the prices from back then...and the inflation of prices now...youch. A bag of loops now a days would be at least a few dollars or more.The loom has a price tag of 59. cents. Years later I got it for about the same price from back then in the thrift store.
I thought that was a pretty hot find for making some cute hot pads.

I like a bargain....Don't you?


  1. I remember having one of these Mica! What a joyful find! We used to make potholders etc. with ours too. I think my mother still has some of the potholders we made! xxoo

  2. I haven't seen these in years and years, what a funmemory! This was something even hyper me could do as a child...I wish I ahd some now, they made good potholders! LOL

  3. I agree ~ What a find! I have been thinking of those all fall. I used to make many of those for my Mom! :) Did you also?

    Your blog is wonderful!

    With Kindness,

  4. I had one of those looms as a child. Mom used to buy me a gigantic bagfull of loops in every color. I must've made hundreds of potholders. Sounds like you're having fun with your new find.

  5. I had some like that when I was a child...Now,my granddaughter is making potholders with a new "cheap made in China" plastic loom and florescent color loops. Nothing like the old stuff...everything was made so much better back in the day :)

  6. I seriously think this is one of the best "toys" a child can have. :) I haven't gotten around to it because before I could the boys made me teach them to knit and crochet. HA HA HA!

    Your hot pads are great. :) I love the old box! KEEP IT!