Friday, January 6, 2012

Our Little House Got A New Look....

I have been a busy beaver this week. Since cleaning up Christmas, I have been purging and organizing as well as preparing for future possible move after Mr. Darling graduates in May. I happily donated 9 big black trash bags of clothes, and 7 boxes of old stuff, some left over from our garage sale last Summer. We even went and recycled all the bottle and cans we have been collecting. Extra pocket change is always nice. I also sold some stuff on Etsy this week so thought it was time for a fresh look. Our son saved up his money and bought the family a new t.v.... So it needed a new place...
(One of my favorite children's books...Found last Summer for $3.00)
We took our armoire upstairs to our bedroom and put the old T.V. in there...Then I had to come up with some wall art for the living room where the armoire was. I got this cute Family Rules canvas for Christmas from my parents. The star was free from a garage sale, a little red paint does wonders...Then I used some letters to spell out PRAY. I had the A and the found a P...
covering it with sheet music and found the Y at Michael's.
I found the T.V. cabinet was an ugly boring brown...(forgot to take pictures) Once I got paint in my hands, I couldn't stop to take pics. I painted it Sea Breeze Blue for just a few bucks a can. ( I used 2) Then I took some handy sandpaper and gave it a little aged look. Then I put two mismatched door pulls on each door. The Open was from Michael's for $1, the polka dot one was from Hobby Lobby for $1.25. ( YEP...HOBBY LOBBY is here...Just opened a couple months ago..."GRIN") I love how the cabinet turned out as it has added some charm and a pop of color that goes with all my reds so nicely. I had some red paint so decided to paint the little chair I have had for the last few years...
It needed color and a monkey to sit on it of course.
Okay Okay...I couldn't stop painting stuff...I painted our wooden candlesticks holders which were black in the left over blue I had... I love how it added a splash of color and coordinates with the cabinet.
In the picture above...You can see the alcove where I put my children chairs, doll and old globe....That is where our old T.V. was. I love the change. It has been two years in this house without changing it much...I love change sometimes. This was a good change for me.
Oh yeah...Remember the bottles and cans I recycled? I bought this with the money.
It was half off at Hobby Lobby...(woot woot). I pray that the Lord will continue to bless our home with much love and laughter this new year. Anyone up for a movie nite? Come on over I'll pop the corn.


  1. Your family room looks so cozy and fun! Great color combo's (just like your art!).

  2. I love changes too! It looks so colorful and cozy. As always I love your sock monkey--Your kids are surely growing up, WOW!! PS my hubby keeps the little one your son molded on his bureau now.

  3. Love all the changes Mica! You have a wonderful eye and talent for this! xxoo

  4. looks wonderful and cozy Mica! have a great weekend!

  5. What a pretty home! I really like how you have taken a newer house and made it feel vintage and cozy with your colors and decorating! I love spray paint too! Sandy

  6. What a bright, happy space! So cheery and colorful. Change can be so refreshing!

  7. L.O.V.E. all the color in your living room! It's so cheerful and cozy! And we just got that book for Christmas this year- love it! Now I want to find an old one like yours! Blessings to you!