Friday, January 20, 2012

Through His Eyes..(i phone)....

My son Maestro....What a gift, what a joy. We wouldn't trade him in for the world. This young man of mine was a little boy not so long ago. He will always be my little boy of course...Even though he is growing up so fast. We are very proud parents...I can boast right? In just a matter of five months he will be 18. I can't believe it. He has been home schooled almost his whole life up until this year. He started college to finish his senior year off as well as earn college credits early. They call it a dual credit program and ttechnically he has already graduated from the 12th grade this Winter..Woot Woot.... We are going to have a big celebration coming this Spring....So exciting. We will be taking his Senior pics and getting him a diploma. Now he is on the road to becoming a music major. He has been a talented pianist since the age of 7, writing his own compositions since. He has written a music score for a short film his talented friend has written and directed last year. So many wonderful gifts God has granted to him. We pray that he will fulfill his dreams of using his gifts in music some how in his future. Okay...pass the Kleenex.
This school year thus far has been a wonderful growing experience for him in so many ways. He has also captured some great artsy photos off his i phone as well....So, I thought I would share just a bit of his college experience so far...Through his eyes (i phone).
Oh yeah...He would also like to invite you to come by his new blog where he will record his thoughts, goings on in life and love for the Lord and music etc...Please stop by and visit him, perhaps become a follower and please keep him in your prayers. Your support will surly be an encouragement.
Have yourself a wonderful weekend.


  1. Its so exciting when they get to this point in their lives and you get to watch them prepare to sore off on their own path. And even more so, when we know the foundation they are standing on is so firm! I'm off to visit his blog!
    happy friday Mica!

  2. You have many reasons to be proud. Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

  3. oooooohhhhh! This Young man melts my heart! I havn't been on the blog for ahwile but so happy to see him and his art! I'm going over to his blog now.

    Miss you!!!!

    Love you sissy!


  4. What a beautiful new man. Wah! Mean babies growing up.