Sunday, February 12, 2012

Little Miss Foxy Plush Doll....

Well, I'm still sick here with pneumonia this week. It has been a rough week of running fevers, with coughing and wheezing. By the time Saturday rolled around I just about had enough of it. I haven't gotten anything done at all....I found a little spark somewhere though and started to create a plush stuffie fox gal. It really felt good to make something. She turned out kinda cute....

I love her long snoot and
 her red Mary Jane's....
She is currently up for adoption in
 My Shop Here.
Today I am also thanking God for:
18.Thanking God for giving me the inspiration to create.
19. For soft, fluffy textures that spark my senses.
20. His mercies
21.For those quiet midnight moments where it's just me ~n~ The Lord.
22. Though I am sick...I only draw closer to God for His healing.
Have a Blessed Week ahead.


  1. Oh no I hate to hear you are so sick. Lots of chicken soup and rest for sure. Your fox is adorable with dotty legs and red shoes.

  2. Oh dear! Pneumonia is not good -- and it can come back on you. Take it very easy and do not over do -- give yourself plenty of time to rest and recover! Sending healing thoughts. (Foxy is a real cutie!).

  3. Praying for you sweetie...Try hot tea with a slice of for me.My mama is very sick too but,hopefully on the mend as well. I mailed you girls a box on Friday,priority mail so you should have it the first part of the week. That long ago mentioned material :) Plus,a few other little goodies. Hope you enjoy it and do let me see what you create with the material...whatever it is I am sure it will be wonderful good.....blessings of good health to you and a very Happy Valentines to you all.